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Colson Family
CowMatt and DeanDean checking cows


Welcome to Alpine Hills Dairy Farm!

Alpine Hills

Alpine Hills Swiss Farm is located in Dry Ridge, KY about 30 miles south of Cincinnati and 50 miles north of Lexington, KY.

The family farm is owned and operated by Dean and Debbie Colson with the help of their daughter Melissa (& husband Joe) and sons Daniel, Matt and Matt's wife, Shelley. They currently milk 65 head of Brown Swiss Cows twice a day, 365 days a year. In order to help provide food for the cows they raise 60 acres of corn for silage and 90 acres of hay every year.

Country Pumpkins


Alpine Hills has a strong interest in educating people about the dairy farm life. Each fall we host a Fall Festival & Tours called Country Pumpkins.

Visit our Country Pumpkins website for more information!

Bottle Feeding Calf



Follow Shelley's blog for a deeper look into the daily activities of dairy farm life! Click here to check out her latest post!


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