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Our cows our MOOOOvie stars! We have been honored to have a TV program filmed at our farm as well as several articles published about us. Click below to view our various media exposure over the last couple years!

KET KET Kentucky Life: In spring of 2011 Kentucky Educational Television came to our farm and filmed the "Dave Does It" segment of a Kentucky Life program! We had so much fun meeting host Dave Shuffett and the TV crew. Click here to view the episode online. The segment about our farm begins 10 minutes 45 seconds into the video if you wish to skip ahead.

DFA Member of Distinction Video: In 2011 we learned that we had been selected by Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. as one of their 2012 Members of Distinction! In October of 2011 they sent out a writer and two photographers to our farm to document our story. DFA produced a wonderful video for us - click on the video to the left to view a brief story about what we do here at Alpine Hills Dairy Farm!


DFA Newsletter DFA Newsletter Article: In the summer of 2011 we were interviewed by DFA for a newsletter article that was just published in March 2012. Click here to view a PDF of the newsletter article.

In November 2011 Shelley was able to do a radio interview with Michigan Farm Radio Network regarding our use of social media. Click here to listen to the short interview.


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